Our product range

In our shop for house, garden and leisure, we have everything you want! And all this packed in small bits with lucid departments and trained staff, that is always there to help you with almost anything. Read here which departments you find in our shop. 


In our garden department you can find the right tools for any season. We also offer everything from seed for the spring to hand pumps in summer and rakes for the automn. Even snow shovels can be found here, in case the winter is approaching and snow becomes a daily visitor.


Our bicycle department offers you everything you can think of from balance bikes for your smallest child to bicycles for every age! You can even find E-Bikes (bicycles with electrical push support) in our shop! We know, that buying a bike is a choice of the most comfort for you and the best design. You can individually build your own bike however you want it! Without any additional cost, we assemble your bike, so you are ready to start straight away.


If you are looking for new decoration for your house or your garden, why not come to us and see, what we got to offer? We have nice range from various decoration items to make your house and garden your own. If you would like your own design and like doing handicraft, we have what you need. And what you can’t find in our shop, Hinrich Kiel, just opposite of Profi Kiel, has it.


Sharing your life with a pet is one of the most beautiful things in life. That is why you want to give your pet the nutritions that it deserves. We are happy to help you make the right choices, which food is best for your dog, cat, hamster, hedgehog, parrot, or flee. Or if you don’t want to keep the flees anymore, we have suitable treatments. The leisure of your pet will never be boring with our broad variation of toys, etc.Auch in des Haustiers Freizeit wird bei uns dafür gesorgt, dass diesem niemals langweilig wird, in einer großen Auswahl an Spielzeug, etc.

Paint and wallpaper

Did you reach the point that you are sick of seeing the same thing day after day after day? Or is your most favourite chair showing the symptoms of time? Visit our paint and wallpaper departent to find what you need, whether it is to renovate your house, enhance the paint on your fence or if you simply want to become a professional painter. In Profi Kiel, you are professionally advised and served.


In this department you find everything for your electronic equipment in your home. We offer various sockets and switches, lamps and bulbs, batteries, and much, much more. If you aren’t sure, what much more means, why don’t you visit us and take a look yourself?


It goes without saying that we need to work every now and then. To equip you perfectly, we offer a wide range of workwear. And it is trivial if you work in the forest, on the building or in the office.


Do you also think sometimes: There must be an easier way to untwist a screw than with a butter knife? We are pleased to announce that today’s technology allows you to untwist the screw with a push of a button! See today for all new technologies, from percussion drills to screwdrivers, planing, and a lot more!

Plumbing supplies

Visit our sanitary department, no matter if you are a handyman or a craftsman, to find the right equipment for your sanitary installations. We offer everything you need for this, from fittings to toilet seats to keep your bathroom up to date!

Building materials

In our building materials department, we offer mixing concrete, wood and styrofoam plates and everything for downpipe installation on!