Mail order business

From 20 parcels a day to 2,000 and more!

Baby steps into a new world

Ever since 2003 we have been successfully selling our goods on the Internet. It started with a few orders each day, packed by only one employee. The administration was done by one person, the phone calls was answered directly in the Shop.

Since then our mail order business expanded dramatically

At the time, when the packing and sending mail orders was done by one packer and another employee, mostly an apprentice, got more and more diffucult due to the limited store size and the overfilled warehouse, Thomas Kiel and Andreas Kiel decided to rent the empty building of an old supermarket. At first the goods were only stored there, without any professional shelves and no order whatsoever, the chaos was perfect. The ordered items were brought from the new warehouse into the shop each morning to be packed and sent from there. This was done for quite a long time without any major problems, even though the quantity of orders increased rapidly each day, the warehouse filled more and more and it was gradually more difficult to find the needed items in the new warehouse.

The next step was to take care of the order and the organization of the warehouse. Therefore new shleves were assembled. The goods were then arranged by our packer by his own system. When the mail order business expanded more and more and the new warehouse was as filled as the old one was, the managers of Profi Kiel and Hinrich Kiel made the decision to buy and build onto the warehouse. Up until today, it is still our main warehouse, with a total size of 2300 sqm and a high rack warehouse of 1300 sqm.

The packing in the shop was by then inefficient and way too time-consuming due to the need of driving back and forth between the shop and the warehouse. The packing was then too shifted to the new warehouse now with 6 metres high shelves. To make life easier for everybody, we started to use storage locations indicated by stickers on the shelves. The logistic became a lot easier and packing way more efficient.

Even though the warehouse had a lot of space, we reached the limit of this warehouse quite fast, so the decision was made to rent new warehouses with the locations in Bordesholm and Neumünster. These warehouses can hold about 4,000 sqm of goods!

Due to an upcoming investment opportunity in Bordesholm we have decided to acquire the until then on this location standing hardware store Hagebau to centralize our warehouses.
After almost 4 months of construction work this location is offering an estimated 3,000 spaces for pallets on an area that’s almost 4,000 sqm.

Our own Online Shop was one of our first instruments for the mail order business. This started in the year of 2003 with the website A second Online Shop and with it a more customer friendly alternative followed a couple of years later. This one was built with the Shopware-system. Due to the rapid tachnological progress and the expanding market, the requirements quickly weren’t met with this Online Shop. That is why we are now using a new design and an updated version of Shopware. Follow this Link to our newest Online Shop:


Another important instrument is Amazon.
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Ebay is one of our most important instruments.
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If you have any questions regarding our online Shop or your order, please refer to the following Website
If you would like to send your item back, please send it to:
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